Cloudflare nearest datacenter

I’m using Cloudflare gateway on my location Cloudflare datacenter ,I’m not connected to nearest datacenter (Chennai,IN or Bangalore,IN) it’s connected to long distance (Mumbai, IN).Screenshot_20201208-064158


Does the longest datacenter ping higher?

Do you mean farthest? If so, not necessarily. As explained above, in the linked tutorial, the Internet routes traffic based on network configuration in the participating ISPs. And that configuration depends on both business and technical merits. If possible, the ISP will provide you the best service possible considering the location of you and the target you want to reach (by the way, ping does not necessarily mean bandwidth or reliability! Those too are very important considerations, many times much more than ping!). But if it’s too costly for them (how much is “too costly” is at their discretion), they may choose another route, not the ideal one. So it is certainly possible that you’ll get better ping (a.k.a. round trip time) from point B which is farther than you from point A.

If you didn’t mean farthest, please clarify…

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