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Hello. I am new to CF, sites and all that stuff so I need help with something here

I got a domain from freenom and hosted it using infinityhost then infinityhost gave me two namespaces to use, i entered those 2 ns in my domain’s settings in freenom, good till now yeah? my site worked and all

Cloudflare needs me to put another two namespaces of it’s own so my question here is do i put those 2 in “namespace 3” and “namespace 4” field or do i replace the infinityhost ones with it? if i did, will it affect my admin panel (cpanel) in infinityhost and all that stuff?


Did your site work fine on HTTPS? Your host is known for having issues in this context and if that does not work fine beforehand, your entire site will break.

Generally speaking, I would neither use that registrar nor that host. My advice, get a proper domain and get some adequatedly priced shared hosting from a reputable provider.

when i type https://, the website doesn’t load but when i remove it or say http:// instead, it loads

That’s exactly the issue. It needs to work on HTTPS first.

how do i fix it? sorry, i’m a total beginner with the web stuff

You need to talk to your host, but as I mentioned before I would not use either of those two service providers.

well, I know they aren’t the best but if you noticed both of them are free because I am in a third-world country where the single dollar is expensive

does it have to do with the ssl certificates in the cpanel by the way?

Well, domains already go for $10 a year and shared hosting is not much more expensive, so the price wouldn’t necessarily be an argument.

As for the certificate, yes, it may have to do with that, but that’s something only your host can really tell you. If you need a certificate, you could get one at Origin CA certificates · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs

Alright and what about the namespace issue? do I replace the host ones with the Cloudflare ones or do i put them in the other empty fields?

Yes, you will need to replace the nameservers. Overview · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs has more on that, but as long as your site is not working properly, you really don’t need to bother with that.

yeah I am aware, i just wanted to know generally. but if I did replace the nameservers, wouldn’t that affect my host as in the admin panel and stuff or do they like, merge together or something?

Mentioned link has all on that, and yes, you need to make sure the correct DNS entries are configured on Cloudflare. But again, you are really skipping the important steps here. You first need to make sure the site is configured correctly and loads on HTTPS. Only then you should consider Cloudflare, otherwise you will only run into loads of issues.

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Got it, thanks a bunch for being patient with me sandro, you are of a great help.

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No worries, my pleasure.

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