Cloudflare nameserves not updating!

It’s been more than 60 hrs and cloudflare nameservers haven’t yet updated. I haven’t received any confirmation mail.

It is really pathetic. I opted for cloudflare to provide a free SSL certificate but it seems my choice backfired.

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  1. Cloudflare does not provide “free SSL”. If you don’t have a certificate on your server, your site cannot be secure in the first place.
  2. Did you follow the setup guide?
  3. What’s the domain?

No I do not have any certificate installed.

And you are wrong. Cloudflare does offer free SSL/TLS encryption. All I am saying is the cloudflare nameservers are taking more than 2 days and they have still not been updated.

Then install one.

Thanks for letting me know :wink:

I am sorry, but you are wrong on this. Cloudflare provides certificates for their proxies and that’s all. You naturally still need a certificate on your server, how else would you have a valid SSL connection?

Please use the search, as that topic is a bit tiring.

So to recap my questions.

  1. You need to configure a valid certificate on your server.
  2. Not addressed.
  3. Not addressed.

Thanks for replying.

Could you help me install a free SSL certificate. I have had a 90 day trial exhausted from most free ssl providers, be it Let’s encrypt or zero SSL

Lets Encrypt is not a trial but it does require a renewal every three months. Alternatively you could also look into Cloudflare’s own Origin certificates, as they have a longer validity.

That’s my point.

These nameservers are taking too long to update

What do nameservers have to do with a missing certificate?

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