Cloudflare Nameservers

I’m having trouble finding the nameservers Cloudflare assigned to me (they are not in the overview tab anymore since I’ve already did that step).

I want to test speed with and without Cloudflare. Also, I’ve already tried the “add new” route to get to those, as suggested in another post, bit I got an error once I tried adding a new domain.

Help? Cheers

To find Cloudflare nameservers

  1. Login to Cloudflare
  2. Select account > domain
  3. Go to DNS, find nameservers under DNS records.

For example …

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Respected sir, i do this to my site but now site goes down kindly check and make correction.


thanks for the tip, apparently I need to work with siteground’s nameservers since they have a “partner” integration - does this add load time? like due to the redirect?

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