Cloudflare Nameservers set 2 days ago but Cloudflare still doesn't see them as resolved

For the domain metrospherelight dot com

I changed the nameservers to Cloudflare’s 2 days ago (the host, Korax/HostPapa, doesn’t give customers access to nameservers so I had them do it through a ticket) and Cloudflare still sees the old nameservers.

According to What’s My DNS DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool the NS are mostly resolved, except for a couple errors, and according to DNS Viz | DNSViz there are two warnings but I don’t know what they mean or what to do about them.

Can anyone help with best next steps?

I want to post the warnings but this message board won’t let me post more than two links at a time and it’s seeing the domain names in the warning text as links. I’ll try it by replacing the period with " (dot) ":

Warnings (2)
  • com to metrospherelight (dot) com: The following NS name(s) were found in the authoritative NS RRset, but not in the delegation NS RRset (i.e., in the com zone): aliza.ns.cloudflare (dot) com, clint.ns.cloudflare (dot) com
  • com to metrospherelight (dot) com: The following NS name(s) were found in the delegation NS RRset (i.e., in the com zone), but not in the authoritative NS RRset: ns1.securenameserver (dot) ca, ns2.securenameserver (dot) ca

That domain is registered with Tucows, but Tucows WHOIS says your’e using name servers. You need to update this, as just setting NS records does not override WHOIS name servers.

Hey @sdayman thanks for looking into this.
The domain was actually registered with Korax hosting (who was recently acquired by HostPapa) but it’s very possible they are a Tucows reseller. ns1 & ns2 securenameserver (dot) ca are Korax’s. So what we did is request Korax switch the nameservers from securenameserver (dot) ca to the Cloudflare nameservers. And what you are saying is we need to go back to them and request they contact Tucows?

I found out the issue was with Korax. After contacting them several times a new tech support person said the NS had “reverted” back to the old nameservers. Didn’t know that was possible lol. Anyway they changed them again and within an hour the site was on Cloudflare.

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