Cloudflare nameservers names not showing up


Just created a new site with Cloudflare. Now I should transfer my domain’s nameservers to Cloudflare nameservers.

The problem is that the nameservers names don’t show up in Dashboard Overview page…

Where else can I find them?

Thanks for any help!

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Did you configure this directly through the Cloudflare dashboard, or did you do this through your web host?

Typically the assigned name servers are below your DNS entries section.

Hi sdayman,

Many thanks for your feedback.

I configured through my web host (Siteground). Chatting with their customer support I found out that they configure the Cloudflare account using “Partial (CNAME) setup” that’s why I didn’t find the nameservers names (…)

As I got another Cloudflare account with another web host that uses the “Full DNS setup” I didn’t know about the CNAME setup!

Do you know if full setup is better than partial, in terms of performance, as full setup uses directly Cloudflare nameservers?


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My preference is to always sign up directly with Cloudflare.

  1. Better control over features
  2. Switching hosts is much easier

The only downside is some partners bundle a cool Cloudflare feature for free if you sign up through them.

Partial CNAME is workable and performs as well as anything else. Sometimes they only function as and you need to add a Page Rule to redirect naked domain to the www.

Hi sdayman,

I migrated the partial CNAME setup into a full DNS setup with Cloudflare.

I took this opportunity to make a test, comparing site speed (using GTmetrix website) and results are outstanding (for full setup):

  1. Waterfall

Partial: 4.2ms
Full: 2ms

DNS lookup
Partial: 187
Full: 25

  1. Timings

Partial: 155
Full: 54

Partial: 318
Full: 232

Partial: 473
Full: 286

DOM loaded
Partial: 2.7
Full: 0.9

Partial: 2.7
Full: 1.2

Full DNS setup is definitely better than partial setup!

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