Cloudflare Nameservers down

These nameservers are down at the moment? My sites don’t work.


They aren’t HTTP servers, so they won’t respond to an HTTP test.

Both name servers are responding to my dig queries.

What sites of yours aren’t working?


thanks, got it,
must be the issue on my end

Hey, today I setup for the first time your https on my site… now the https working fine but every few minutes it stops working shows me the google not secured error and i’ve to change the url back to http for it to work… then after some minutes suddenly the https start work again… Do you have any clue regards it?
Thank you.

I don’t work for Cloudflare, but your HTTP/HTTPS problem may just fix itself over time. Since it’s only been a day, sometimes it takes 2-3 days for DNS to properly direct your visitors to your new Cloudflare IP address.

If you post the website URL, someone can let you know how it’s working for them here.

My site is also not working can anyone help me?

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Your site isn’t using Cloudflare, but the good news is it’s working for me.

Hi @sdayman, Would you like to highlight some clues which showed that there is an issue with a Cloudflare? Here is my website

Your Kinds Regards

Robert Rex

You can use the following site to check NS (Cloudflare Name servers) and “A” records (IP address of your website). A Cloudflare site should have two A records, both usually starting with 104.

Right now, it shows you’re using Cloudflare name servers:

But not the two Cloudflare A records:

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Thanks a lot , for your instant support :grinning:

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