Cloudflare nameservers changing very often

Hello. it’s possible to keep the same Cloudflare nameservers associated with my account ?

They keep changing very often… and is very time-consuming


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Cloudflare nameserver pairs are assigned by domain and not by account. You can learn why here.

What problem are you trying to solve?

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I doubt that should happen that way. Best I suggest you to check audit log & do this:

i would like to associate the Cloudflare NS when buying the domain

ahh so maybe thats the reason?
i have a partner login in from a different country… so maybe cf change the NS for security reasons?

Due to the way Cloudflare nameserver pairs are assigned, that is not possible. If you are operating at scale, it may be worth investing in API automation to retrieve the nameservers and update them with your registrar, assuming that your registrar has API support.

If you are dealing with enough volume to justify purchasing an Enterprise agreement, there may be more options available, as Enterprise plans can be highly customized.

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