Cloudflare nameservers and DNS records not propagating


We recently received and in a domain transfer from Google Domains (Dotster is our domain registrar). We configured those domains in Cloudflare (added two CNAME records for website traffic per domain) and updated the domains’ nameservers to and in our domain registrar’s control panel (a typical practice for most of our website domains). However, the nameserver values and DNS records have not fully propagated throughout the internet as expected, and we aren’t sure why this is happening. Also, the lack of DNS propagation has caused site downtime issues.

That said, has anyone experienced this issue before? If so, how did you resolve it?

You have DNSSEC activated at your registrar. That means you have to also activate DNSSEC at Cloudflare and update the DS records at Dotster with those provided by Cloudflare.


Thanks for the tip, Laudian. We suspect the domain had DNSSEC enabled within Google Domains, and that setting transferred to Dotster during the domain transfer process. Therefore, we’ll request Dotster to deactivate that setting for now and look to enable it later.

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