Cloudflare Nameserver setup

I moved from Google to Cloudflare. Now am trying to connect Cloudflare to my Teachable account. I had started the process and received my nameservers and changed them. Then I saw the offer to use Cloudflare (CF) as my registrar, so I went ahead and transferred to CF. Now, CF is telling me I need to remove the nameservers and replace them. The problem is that I don’t know how to delete the old ones from CF itself and add CFs new ones.

The second issue is non-working email. Now that I have moved everything from Google to CF, I need help setting up my mail records within CF. I do have all of the settings from Google but seem to be missing something as my mail won’t route correctly.

Any help would be AWESOME!

Do you have a different account on Cloudflare for the old nameservers? Normally CF uses the same nameservers for all domains on your account. If that’s the case I would suggest opening a support ticket to have them change the nameservers because you cannot change them at CF yourself.

As for the email, what settings are you using now? Is that to use Gmail?
If you have the nameservers not configured correctly then the new DNS records won’t propagate and thus email won’t be coming in like it should.

Thank you very much! I have placed a support ticket.

I do have two sites and on CF.

If I do have my email settings correct will I still not be able to use it if the nameservers are wrong?

To clarify - These are the settings through Google Gmail that you asked about.

Since the DNS records you’re editing are set on the new ones it will not show up so long as the nameservers aren’t changed.

If you already set up the email settings on the old ones (before making CF the registrar) the problem lies somewhere else.

Did you use these settings?

Thank you…without the name server being changed by CF, I think I am stuck.

Is it possible to delete or disconnect and start from scratch?

In other words, if I removed from Cloudflare could I then start again? Which might resolve the nameserver issue?

My apologies for the late reply.
Yes it might help to remove it and add it again, though chances are you can’t if CF is your registrar, since they are the ones managing your domain. But worth a try at least. Otherwise support is your only option.
If you already contacted support you could post the number in this thread and someone from the CF team might be able to prioritize it a bit.

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