Cloudflare nameserver settings lost?

A domain was unavailable earlier today, upon logging into the Cloudflare portal the message ‘Pending Nameserver Update’ was listed against the domain.

The registrar showed the expected Cloudflare nameservers of and These nameserver’s had been in placed for approximately one week, during which the site was accessible. Reviewing the domain setup in Cloudflare showed that nameserver setup was pending with and listed as the current nameservers.

Updating the nameservers to and resolved the issue. Bruce and Suzanne remain as nameserver’s for a number of other domains without issue.

Any ideas about what happened? Thank you.

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Did your domain expire resulting in a nameserver change by your registrar?

Hi, thank you for the welcome.

The domain was transferred to a new registrar approximately a week earlier, and has one year remaining - no expiration occurred.

It appears that the namseververs were changed to those provided by the registrar. That can cause a domain to be deactivated. You appear to have reactivated the domain in your account.

Nameserver pairs, while often the same across domains in an account, are assigned per domain. Is there a particular problem you still are seeking to solve?

Good morning,

Thank you for describing the nameserver pairs relationship and following up.

Whilst the problem has been resolved, I am attempting to understand why it occurred.

The registrar (Fasthosts) listed the nameservers correctly as bruce and suzanne whilst the problem was in effect i.e., the registrar nameserver settings were not and as shown in the Cloudflare console. Fasthosts nameservers are in this format suggesting the registrar default nameservers weren’t randomly allocated. appears to be GoDaddy.

My question is why did the nameservers change in Cloudflare from Bruce and Suzanne to when the registrar continued to show Bruce and Suzanne?

My answer would be that someone with access to your domain registrar or your registrar themselves changed the namseververs to those used by GoDaddy. I am unaware of any other possibility.

Maybe someone else can share another theory.

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