Cloudflare Nameserver Redirect to Adult Domain Parking

In the past when I added Cloudflare Nameservers like and to my domains and had not added them as site to Cloudflare yet, they stayed just blank.

Now if I visit such a domain e.g. I recently registered “”, have it not on Cloudflare yet but by default add Cloudflare Nameservers, it redirects me to a very ugly domain parking page in Hungarian language (at least what my browser says). Some of the ads even seem to be adult content: Screenshot by Lightshot

This could be really damaging to domains. Does anyone know more? Has there been an official statement on this?

Thank you,

That’s a mistake. You cannot just assign random nameservers and in Cloudflare’s case it might allow third-parties to control your domain. Remove these nameservers and set ones which are actually valid for your domain.


If you search the Community you will find plenty of warnings that you should not point domains at Cloudflare nameservers without first adding them to your Cloudflare account.

It’s not an issue that is particular to Cloudflare, as if you point your domains to any random nameservers you are leaving your domain open to hijacking.


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