Cloudflare nameserver random

Hi, I would like to use the Cloudflare extension on my Plesk server, where I have about 80 domains. However, I have seen that when you add a domain to cloudflare it is assigned random nameservers and not always the same. Is there a way to set the same nameservers for all domains? Manually editing the nameservers of 80 domains is a very time-consuming operation.

It would take something like:

Or, can records be created on one of my domains so that they point to all cloudflare nameservers? As:

No. Although if you add the sites to Cloudflare first then you may find the same nameservers reused. If you set nameservers at the registrar before adding to Cloudflare, Cloudflare will use different ones to prevent domain hijacking. No guarantees though, depending on the history of the site.

You need a business or Enterprise plan for that domain, then you can use account-wide vanity nameservers. (These are still Cloudflare nameservers, just using your domain as the nameserver name).


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