Cloudflare nameserver problems

I updated my name servers to Cloudflares and now i cant reach my website. any advice?

What is your domain?

You have a redirection loop:

Is it possible that your SSL settings are “flexible”?
And if that would be the problem you would need to flush local cache for this URL (on your device), since 301 redirects are getting cached.

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X-Redirect-By: WordPress

May I ask are you using a Yoast SEO plugin or some other too? :thinking:

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That is why I think it is Flexible SSL.
Externaly we request HTTPS, behind Cloudflare it gets converted to HTTP, then hits the server with HTTP.
The application then just sees a HTTP request and redirects it to HTTPS.
Classical flexible loop :slight_smile:

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it could be, i don’t know how to tell. And thank you for taking time to help a stranger on the internet! no Yoast seo plugin. I cleared my browser cache but i have a feeling that’s not what you meant.

i didnt only update the servers like an hour ago would it need more time?

The problem is not with the Nameserver, the Nameservers are working properly, otherwise you would get a different error. Your error clearly is a “Redirection loop”:

Please log into your Cloudflare Dashboard and go to “SSL”, then tell us in which mode it is.
Should not be “Flexible”. Best would be “Full (Strict)”, but ofc every mode does require a different setup to work properly.

Flexible will proxy encrypted requests to unencrypted ones to your server (:80)
Full requires a SSL cert on your server (:443)
Full (Strict) required a valid SSL cert on your server (:443)

I doubt you have it in flexible, what I will cause a redirection loop if you have any “HTTP to HTTPS” redirects on your server/application.

It was in fact set to flexible. It must of defaulted there as i didn’t mess with. I have set it to full now and that seems to how caused it to time out

Still insecure I am afraid.

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Now your request is getting proxied to :443 on your server. Make sure you have a valid and correct SSL cert on your server which is getting provided for requests from your domain. If you do no have a SSL cert, please use Cloudflares free origin SSL cert :slight_smile:

True that. Please use “Full (Strict)”, as this is the only mode that is to be considered safe.

But, for me the site already works:

Anyway, please change to Full (Strict).


I did change it to strict, and everything seems to be working for me too. thank you very much!

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