Cloudflare nameserver not validating domain

We are experiencing intermittent email delivery issues. We tracked it down to one of the cloudflare nameservers. It does not have our domain correctly configured. The other does. Does anyone know how we can get his updated with Cloudflare?

What did you track down? Nameservers are only very partially related to email and if your nameservers are set correctly, it should not be a DNS issue.

What’s the domain?

Thanks for responding…what I have been told is that one the nameservers that we are pointing to, or does not have the correct value for our domain, So when mail servers are attempting to validate the domain, if they hit the nameserver that is correct, email will send and be delivered. If we hit the nameserver that is incorrect, it bounces. We are getting a Remote Server Return 553.5.1.8 error when someone attempts to email someone with our domain. This is only happening intermittently…I called two different technical consultants to help figure this out and one found this last night. Does this make sense?

If the mail server returns an error, then that’s not DNS related but solely an issue with the mail server and needs to be fixed there. The DNS configuration of your domain is fine, so resolution will work and your MX records are in place as well.

I am afraid that’s really an issue to discuss with your mail provider as Cloudflare is not involved here.

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Thank you, I will get more details as I am probably not giving enough information. The contractor felt confident that this was the issue. But he may be wrong.

I am afraid he’ll be most likely wrong. Your DNS setup is fine and everything else needs to be done on the mail server side.

If he refers to the serial number, tell him it’s not invalid. If he refers to PTR records, tell him that’s not Cloudflare either.

From what you described mail reaches your mail server but it then returns an error. That’s something to check on the mail server.

You can certainly check if your MX records are correct.

nslookup -type=mx

Non-authoritative answer:       MX preference = 10, mail exchanger =       MX preference = 10, mail exchanger =

Thank you, I will share your comments with him and see what he says.

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