Cloudflare nameserver change pending for more than 72hours now

Hi guys,

My site domain/hosting is external from cloudflare, but I set up a free account here for CDN. I set the 2 nameservers in my DNS settings (exact copy), but now, 72 hours later and multiple forced re-checks in my dashboard, it still says pending nameserver change???

My site is

This is my first time setting CDN to a site, but I am confused what is wrong. It shouldnt take this long as I read in the forum.

Thanks in advance friends!

I am afraid you have not changed the nameservers, but you only set up NS records at your host’s. Remove these two records and set up the nameservers properly at your registrar’s.

Hi Sandro! So I can put same NS records as they were by default before my manual change and only keep the nameservers to cloudfronts?

You seem to have fixed the nameservers and the domain now points properly to Cloudflare. Should be working fine now.

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