Cloudflare Nameserver are slow?

I am facing a problem regarding the name servers.
Most of the users are having difficulties in accessing the domain. Either they can’t access the domain at all or an error occurs due to long load times. I myself can access the domain without any problem, however it takes forever to connect to my server via SFTP*. The problem seems to be related to the Cloudflare nameservers, as my colleagues are able to work smoothly and without delays with the same application and configuration.

Would it perhaps be possible for my Cloudflare nameservers to be changed or reset, so I can get a new/different one, as I’m pretty sure that would fix the problem.
The problem has been with me for a long time, because I have already opened a ticket 2 years ago.

*: Unfortunately, I can’t include attachments here, so I uploaded the video to YouTube for explanation (without sound).

PS: I just copied the text here from the support ticket, which yes now directed me to Cloudflare Community Support.

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your users will not be using cloudflare for DNS, they will be using their default name server as provided by their ISP.
the first time they access your site, their ISP will query couldfare and then cache the DNS records according to TTL settings.
If anything it would be the CDN causing slowness or you have not properly setup the caching/CDN.
what tests have you done to diagnose the problem?

You may want to read this article.

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In checking the video it looks like the problem is that you are using SFTP. The reason that it is working when you go directly to the IP address is because you are bypassing Cloudflare. When you attempt to go to the domain name you are resolving to our proxy and the connection is failing as we are not the origin.

If you would like to use SFTP and Cloudflare the easiest way, in my opinion, would be through a tunnel.

Alternately you could turn off the proxy on your record :grey: in the dashboard and then you would just be using Cloudflare for DNS, so your request would resolve. I wouldn’t recommend this as this would expose the origin.

I have not done any tests, I have been sent a message by a few people who have never been on it that they can not connect.
So even I can connect faster with the IP than with the domain… You can see that in the video.

It is also not the websites, but I have yes with the Cloudflare DNS zones, also server-side things specified, eg to connect to the server, etc…

I have not activated the Cloudflare proxy and it connects, but it takes an eternity.
And for others, it doesn’t work at all.

then I suggest you read the article i linked to and perform those tests

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Cloudflare’s nameservers are virtual constructs. Changing the nameservers will have zero impact and DNS is typically completed in milliseconds.

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My colleagues who have other name servers do not have this problem

dig +noall +answer +stats | \
  awk '$3 == "IN" && $4 == "A"{ip=$5}/Query time:/{t=$4 " " $5}END{print ip, t}' 64 msec
dig +noall +answer +stats | \
  awk '$3 == "IN" && $4 == "A"{ip=$5}/Query time:/{t=$4 " " $5}END{print ip, t}' 24 msec
dig @ +noall +answer +stats | \
  awk '$3 == "IN" && $4 == "A"{ip=$5}/Query time:/{t=$4 " " $5}END{print ip, t}' 153 msec
dig @ +noall +answer +stats | \
  awk '$3 == "IN" && $4 == "A"{ip=$5}/Query time:/{t=$4 " " $5}END{print ip, t}' 145 msec

A query for the record in the video was returned in 64 milliseconds from one authoritative nameserver and 24 milliseconds from the other. A query from @ returns an answer in 130ms. in 145ms.

If there’s an issue with a DNS nameserver it’s be the one your machine is using. Otherwise it’s something else. As the record isn’t proxied by Cloudflare, after DNS resolution is completed it’s out of the picture.


Then I am really relieved?

Then the issue isn’t DNS resolution from the authoritative nameservers or the 2 largest providers of public DNS resolution. If there is an issue it’s either with your configured DNS resolver or origin.

I am not saying you don’t have an issue, just that the issue appears to be unlikely to be your authoritative nameservers.

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Hey, I have the exact same application as my colleague and when I connect there, it goes straight to lightning fast.
The DNS entries are also exactly the same, except for the IP addresses.

The DNS entries and settings are the same, but my colleague’s is faster than mine. And that’s been bugging me for years…
s vs. s

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