Cloudflare Namerservers stuck in DNS Zone


I recently switched my Nameservers in my registrar from cloudflare NS to other nameservers,
but after waiting hours and hours, i’m always seeing the NS records of cloudflare in some territories.
It looks like Cloudflare doesn’t want to let my website, I’m using DNS Checker for the test.

Unless your registrar is Cloudflare, Cloudflare has no influence over you changing your nameservers at an external registrar, and any delay would be on them. Some TLDs/Extensions are just slow.
What is the domain?


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The authoritative nameservers for .com return your new nameservers, and whois shows it as well. I see what you mean by a few on dnschecker showing old CF nameservers, but that’s most likely just cache on their end. Some ISP DNS Servers ignore/use their own Cache TTLs. In this case too, the ttl of the ns records returned by .com is 2 days. It’s usually said changing nameservers can take 24-72 hours, in most cases it’s way less, but you can’t control the behavior of ISP DNS Caching. I suppose you could try reaching out to a few of the ISP’s to get them to clear dns cache for your domain, but probably more trouble then it’s worth unless you have customers using them getting issues.

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I have also same issue even my webisite is even not opening and not showing active status still.

When you change Cloudflare NameServers with other NS from your domain, you should wait about two days for your site to be fully operational.
I’ve noticed that the Cloudflare NS are very strong compared to hosting providers NS.
My website is now working fine.

For your case SOLFIT seems to be registered with Cloudflare nameservers dayana cloudflare com martin cloudflare com If you want to remove cloudflare, you must do a sacrifice of 2 days.

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