Cloudflare name servers causing 1000 error even though CF integration should not be active

  • I recently changed hosting providers. When I pointed the domain at my new host, my site starting showing a 1000 error stating that “You’ve requested a page on a website ( that is on the Cloudflare network. Unfortunately, it is resolving to an IP address that is creating a conflict within Cloudflare’s system.” After checking my domain, there are still Cloudflare name servers that seem to be interfering with my current name servers. However, my old host says Cloudflare was disabled and they can not fix it on their end. I have been directed by both the new host and the old host to fix this issue directly with Cloudflare,

I need someone at Cloudflare to please verfiy that my domain has been fully removed from your services.

Ticket title: Cloudflare name servers causing 1000 error even though CF integration should not be active

The goal of the community to to help with issues that don’t necessarily warrant a ticket to the support desk.

I see you’re using Amazon DNS, and they point to a site on Google hosting. If you’re seeing 1000 errors, it’s most likely because of cached DNS records. Or you have an Cloudflare IP address in a local hosts file on your device.

Global tests (below) don’t show any issues:

I am posting here because Cloudflare won’t let me submit a ticket.
I am still seeing the old NS Dig web interface - online dns lookup tool

If you can’t get one in through the dashboard, you can email them: support AT cloudflare DOT com

@MoreHelp I still need assistance making sure my domain is removed from its services.

Please post the ticket number you received from the email you sent them.

The ticket number is #2203780

I show the domain in question as removed from our systems. Are you seeing the error 1000 @travelswithtedrv? I am not nor is shotsherpa showing errors, View your website around the world - ShotSherpa

If you do, @travelswithtedrv try incognito/different browser/mobile to see if it’s a cached result.

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Just responded to your ticket. Can you confirm that you are no longer seeing this issue on your end? We are no longer serving traffic to your site and you should not be seeing the 1000 error. Going directly to your website, I am also unable to reproduce the error. If this issue is now resolved, please do let us know.

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Hi Tobi,
I replied to the ticket, but no the issue is not resolved.

The issue is still occurring. The 1000 error cannot be seen live as my host has pointed my site directly to their network as a temporary fix to prevent prolonged downtime.

However, I can still see the Cloudflare A record when I perform a dig:

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