Cloudflare + MyBB + Crome = Session Lost

Hi Folks:

I run a MyBB forum, I have cloudflare extension installed yet many visitors are complaining their chrome browser is loosing sessions. Sort like they log in and the website kicks them as not logged in. Does anubody have some hint on how to sove this nasty error that has being creeping in my website for years now?

Is it just in Chrome and not other browsers? What is the domain?

It is

I saw is once in my chrome browser. Changed some parameters for cookies in MyBB as explained in some forum. It killed it for me but then I keep getting users contacting me about this issue once in a while. So my only choice so far is tell them to use firefox to solve the issue. This is not a good workaround.

Please see this thread of one user complaining

Check if this happens when NS records are set to :grey:

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this, since my browser works just fine. Some random users are experiencing this. And that is the big issue.

If you disable Cloudflare proxy (:grey:) and issue disappears then it is related to Cloudflare otherwise it it your server/website problem. Finding out that helps where to look for the problem.

It started to appear after switching cloudflare. And has being like that for like 2 years without solution. Before it was ok no issues.

This is an issue with your forum. Searching with mybb forum logout automatically some solutions like this one pops up.

I remeber I tried this once. Anyways set the /forum/ path and lets see how it goes if I get more reports. It keeps working for me in Chrome. Thanks.

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