Cloudflare Monitoring (Can someone elaborate?)

I am a Systems Engineer who has recommended Cloudflare to a majority of my clients due to the protection is offers, some who are very concerned about security and privacy.

I was reading Cloudflares statement about 8chan, which is fine, I do not support that community, but what I did see was that Cloudflare said it does monitor traffic and activity of websites and then reports this to authorities. This I found concerning.

None of the sites I currently manage on Cloudflare are social sites (at least, not the ones I am concerned about) but some I am uncomfortable knowing that the CDN and Protection Services are “monitoring” and perhaps indexing and searching our sites and user activity in a way that could expose our their traffic to unintended resources.

I find the concept of anyone monitoring anything that inside a platform to be a concern. I would not like anyone going through my OneDrive, not because I am doing anything wrong, but because it has my clients and personal information.

Can I please have someone from Cloudflare explain on the extent of the traffic monitoring that occurs within your company on it’s hosted sites along with the scope data retention?

This is the statement I am referring to:

Hi @gfox7410,

If you are looking for a response from Cloudflare directly, the community if probably not the best place to ask as the relevant staff are unlikely to see the post. Most of the people here are not staff.

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Yes, I was more focusing my question directly to cloudlfare staff. Reading that statement has me alarmed at the notion our data is being captured, scrapped or stored. Especially since Cloudflare handles our DNS and runs protection on multiple sites with sensitive data.

Hi @gfox7410, Cloudflare does not actively monitor the content of customer’s websites. The language in our recent blogpost refers to 2 types of actions: cooperation with legal orders from US law enforcement (see ), and taking appropriate action on abuse reports.