Cloudflare mirage and hidden images

We have a responsive website, which contains some images. We use cloudflare mirage and we really like how it works. The only problem is that some of our images are not visible on mobiles, they are being hidden using display: none in styles. Thus as we understand they should not be loaded. But unfortunately, they do. Is there a way to fix this behavior?

AFAIK, it can be possible if background-image CSS property would be used on DIV instead of the image tag, and this DIV would be wrapped in some other DIV that would have display: none CSS property. But this would not work with Cloudflare Polish feature. Is there a way to somehow use Polish and Mirage together and not load unneeded images when they hidden?

Bumping as I’m not finding a similar request to reference, looking for other :eyes: on this.

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