Cloudflare Minifying seems not to work

I’m new with CDN Cloudflare. I set all the configuration that I was told in my website ( but it seems that the auto minifying speed tool in Cloudflare panel is not working. Can you help me, please, to check if I’m doing wrong things? Thanks a lot.

Seems to work


Just be aware that Cloudflare minifying is asynchronous. The first request gets the response direct from the origin, while Cloudflare does the minifying in the background for delivery on subsequent requests for that asset. The same type of process happens with Cloudflare Polish.

I made a few requests for one of your assets, and you can see the relevant response headers below:

% curl -I ""
date: Thu, 08 Oct 2020 23:53:54 GMT
etag: W/"5cde37d2-17a69"
cf-cache-status: MISS

% curl -I ""
date: Thu, 08 Oct 2020 23:54:05 GMT
cf-bgj: minify
cf-polished: origSize=96873
etag: W/"5cde37d2-17a69"
cf-cache-status: HIT
age: 11
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Only the cached copy is minified (except for HTML), so it needs to be served from cache but that’s it.

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