Cloudflare minify tool not working on Shopify


I recently transferred to Cloudflare pro and I noticed that the minifying tool is not working when I inspeced the page source. Almost 60-80% of my JS and CSS files are non-critical, results: poor pagespeed results on Google.

I’ve been looking for results all over the internet but it seems like I’m the only person dealing with this problem. Can somebody help please?

Store link:

Thanks in advance

I don’t see any minify warnings at Pagespeed Insights, GTMetrix, or Pingdom.

But if you have any issues with Cloudflare settings, you’ll need to contact Shopify, as they control those for your shop.

Hey Sdayman,

Thanks for the quick reply!
I always get the “Eliminate render blocking resources” on …assets/theme.scss.css?v=1815654…
( by Google. Gtmetrix seems to be Ok with my sites performance though.
Sometimes I also get the same warning for my application.js file.

Isn’t the solution to this minifying the CSS file? Apologies if i’m wrong.


Minify means to take out unnecessary blank spaces in a file. It doesn’t change how the file performs, though. If you Google for that message, you’ll see a ton of information on what it means.

Yes exactly but when I viewed the page source there are a lot of black spaces. So this means it’s definitely not minified?

The one file I checked was minified, but if there are syntax errors, Cloudflare won’t minify it. But this isn’t something you can do anything about. Shopify controls all of this.You’ll have to contact them regarding the Cloudlfare settings on your site.

Ok thanks for the help! Help have a great day! :slightly_smiling_face:

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hi again, I reached out to shopify support now and they would like to see a screenshot or source of the syntax error. Can you help me please?

I’m affrait in this forum you will not find any general shopify help.

Also the link you provided is a link with a domain from shopify:

the current URL of your page is:

As they are based on Shopifys System and domain these Links are not getting proxied through CloudFlare and therefor they will not benefit from any improvments CloudFlares provides.

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