Cloudflare minify broking my WP theme dsiplay

Hi, I am new in Cloudflare.
so yesterday I signed my web to free Cloudflare plan in order to do a free CDN set and make my WP web runs faster. and Yes, It is getting faster, and even the gtmetrix score went up from F to C.
But, I noticed it is causing problem with my theme; several images are not displayed correctly, and even some page error. I did some settings, etc. but can not find the solution.

So, this morning I decided to delete my website from Cloudflare and restore the original setup to the day before I signed to Cloudflare.
But, I don’t know why it still not changing. Is there any mistake in my setting?
PS: the error only occurs to the visitor, and it still looks good/normal when the admin log on.

here is my website:

turns out, there are two plugins active for clearing cache,
and it is solved rn. thanks!

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