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Hello Everyone,
We have just disabled all minification from WP Rocket and activated the CF minification along with the APO subscription. Big boost in performance and PSI results. However since WP Rocket minification is disabled, how do we eliminate the Render Blocking Resources? Most of them are CSS.

Similarly, how do we reduce the Unused CSS & JS?

Last question, will ARGO help in increasing the website speed further?

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For Render Blocking Resources and Unused CSS & JS - you’ll need to follow the advice given on the PageSpeed results there - there’s isn’t anything specific in Cloudflare you can enable to fix this automatically for you. That will require you to reduce/remove some CSS & JS from your site - if you are using Wordpress, that mean be modifying your theme or choosing a different one, removing unnecessary plugins etc.

Regarding Argo - it will speed up your site in two different ways:

  1. Dynamic requests will be smartly routed through our network, shaving time off of requests that need to hit your origin
  2. Cached requests will be tiered - meaning a higher cache hit rate for your website, increasing performance
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Okay based on your recommendation, activated ARGO. Is there anything else we need to do in terms of settings on the website or Cloudflare?

Also weighing in on the option to upgrade to PRO, will that be cheaper than paying $5 each for APO & ARGO in terms of performance benefits?

Also how long does it take for ARGO to be fully operational where we will be able to see the difference in load times using PSI?

WP Rocket’s minification was managing that specially on Mobile but we had to disable it to use Cloudflare & APO. Using both minification was breaking the website. So I guess we are stuck.

Tiered Caching won’t show up in a speed test per se, other than you should see much higher cache hit rates over time for real visitors because Cloudflare needs to take less trips to you origin - instead it will pull cache files from other locations on our network first, before falling back to the origin.

For Smart Routing - the Argo analytics will show you the changes in speed - this will be noticeable on a speedtest when you’re looking at an individual HTTP request that was dynamic - Argo will be shaving time off of that by routing smartly within the Cloudflare network.

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