Cloudflare migrate between accounts

I took up a project recently and i found out that our website nameservers are through Cloudflare, Now I took over the project, I would like to migrate from old developer Cloudflare to my Cloudflare account. I got the whole records list of our domains.

I created a new Cloudflare account and added the domains and my records popped up. Some of the records are missing that are in the old Cloudflare account.

I understand that I need to give my new nameservers in godaddy.

My question is do I need to add those specific records manually. And once I change my nameservers in GoDaddy how much time does it take to switch over and will there be any downtime??

Is there a safe way for me to it as our site has a lot of clients visiting and using services.

Thanks in advance

I am not a friend of just referring to KB articles but this might help you out:

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