Cloudflare metatags

Hi guys,

I’m using Cloudflare + pagePiling.js. I have a landing page that contains different sections.
The URLs of sections are /#section1, /#section2, and so on where the section is a simple div tag with a special class and id.

I need to have different metatags for all sections. e.g. og:image tag
Metatags should be used for previews in social media, etc.

Is it possible to have page rules or smth similar in order to create page alias and configure metatags? e.g. from /#section1 to /section1 or /?section1


Page rules (and Cloudflare in general) do not touch your content, you’d need to configure this server-side.

The only way you could do this on Cloudflare is with a Worker, though this will require custom JavaScript code and might be paid if you exceed the free allotment.

Bottom line, you best handle this on your server.

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