Cloudflare message at Bluehost/Wordpress login

I am getting a icaptha authentication when trying to log in to Wordpress from my Blue host site.

I do the authentication and then I get a clickfunnels page not found message.

Has anyone seen this or have any Ideas?


Which error are you getting?

After I do the icapcha I get clickfunnels page not found.

First I get this…see picture

Then I get this…see picture

Sorry It would not let me put both pictures in one email

Teresa D

I believe this is an issue with ClickFunnels, not Cloudflare (since the error is not Cloudflare branded)!

I have talked to clickfunnels. See picture on why they told me it was Cloudflare

Thank you so much for trying to help.

Here is another picture that causes clickfunnels to say it is a Cloudflare issue.

Thanks again.

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