Cloudflare maybe block my IP?

Recently, I visited multiple websites using Cloudflare CDN service from a fixed IP, but none of them can be accessed. The browser prompts: ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.

ping test is ok, tracert test is ok, but tcpping test request timedout. This looks like TCP blocking?

I switched to another fixed IP and the access was normal. But it was blocked again in less than an hour.

After I changed the third IP, it is still normal for more than a day until now.

I want to confirm if this is a problem with Cloudflare?

That will be most likely your ISP blocking that connection.

Which IP address is it?

When I can’t access these sites, * also can’t access.

Again, which IP address?

But that will be something you need to address with your ISP. Possibly even a national block. Which country?

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