Cloudflare may be messing my site up but Siteground is no help

Hi, i set up a site and was at the last few things. I still needed to check some stuff and add some SEO. But I turned on CF to get it started. A few minutes later I went back to the site and it was down because the DNS was updating I believe. I was working on the site so I couldn’t have that. I through I properly removed CF but ever sinces I’ve has awful load times on the site 17 seconds to complete. I know it isn’t the site because I cloned it prior to this to start another site. That site loads in 2.6 seconds. I checked the error logs and the site that loads fast has none, But the site that loads slow has several. This is the last error.
2021-12-13 12:43:44 UTC [nginx][error] 28606#0: *7278824 openat() “/home/u1323-ngsntanvr474/www/” failed (2: No such file or directory), client:, server:, request: “GET /.well-known/pki-validation/ca3-a00c74e2f9224d7bb621794d529a2abd.txt HTTP/1.1”, host: “

Does anyone recognize what that might be?

At the moment, that domain is not using Cloudflare at all. It’s using Siteground DNS and points directly to a Google cloud IP address.

Yes sir. Because of the site taking so long to load and that supposedly being the source, it got changed this morning. I’m waiting to see if it gets settled tomorrow. A clone of the site loads in 2.6 seconds. 17 was just too much to leave it as is.

I am not sure what you expect to get settled. Because of this:

It’s impossible to troubleshoot what issue you may have been encountering.


You do realize I know that, right?
I’m trying to get the site to behave correctly. I had no idea the turn around on the messages here and I can’t just leave a site messed up. Once I get it working with CF I’ll revisit this. Thank you.

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*Without CF

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