Cloudflare masks request ip?

I’m using as payment method in my woocommerce shop with plugin provided by tpay.

At night I suddenly started receiving e-mails about “Incorrect server response”.

Tpay plugin defines list of secure IPs:

After debugging I see that before the problem occurred I was getting request from IPs only from this list.
About 4-5 am. (Polish time) the situation has changed and requests come from
none of those matches “secure list” and all of them are marked as Cloudflare servers on sites like this

Any idea why does this happened?

With Cloudflare, the IP address of the requests come from CF’s IPs since the service is a reverse proxy service. You might need to restore the visitor IP address on your web server -

@Judge that works.
Thank you very much.

But still I don’t have an answer for the question why does this happened?
Everything was fine up to some moment.
I was not changing server setting for few months.

In that case we can only assume you were rewriting IP address earlier and something changed in your server configuration at that point which disabled that rewrite and hence the actual IP addresses showed up.

You’d need to check that on your end.

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