Cloudflare masks IP Address and clients host don't allow masked IP Addresses

Hi there,

We’re using Cloudflare for including a sub domain which points to

We understand that Cloudflare masks the IP Address as it protect the origin server. However, and here’s the problem the company that own the origin server have said the following:

“Unfortunately, our TT2 server is configured to work only when the redirection with A record is performed. With our new system, it’s mandatory.”

So from that I think they basically won’t allow us to use Cloudflare even though what you do makes it much more secure.

Is there anything we can do about that?


You’d have to see if they’ll let you use a CNAME instead. Something like a CNAME for that points to

In this case you should be able to just change the DNS record from :orange: to :grey:, this will cause the record to point at them. You won’t get any of Cloudflare’s benefits for this particular subdomain, but since it points to their server, this isn’t really your product.

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Hi, thanks for the response. The reason we use Cloudflare is for SSL benefits.

I think if we change the DNS record from orange cloud to grey cloud we’d then loose the benefit of the SSL.

Frustratingly we might need to move away from Cloudflare which isn’t ideal.

thanks for the response, I’ll forward on that suggestion to them. Fingers crossed…

Moving away from Cloudflare won’t make any difference at all; if you do,
you are effectively just switching everything (including this one
hostname) to a grey cloud. If they insist that this one hostname point
directly to their IP then they would need to offer HTTPS, otherwise you
won’t have HTTPS support for that hostname no matter what you do.

This is totally unconnected with whether you use HTTPS elsewhere, via
Cloudflare or not.

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