Cloudflare Managed Special rules are blocking Googlebot

The request

Following cscharff’s recommendation, I opened a support ticket (#1687378) referencing the incident and the questions:

As you can see in the image above, I asked the support team to respond directly to this topic, but if that is not possible I will keep the discussion up to date with new comments as soon as I get updated.

Your help

Considering the seriousness of the consequences that a problem like this can generate, I would like to ask the Community members to participate, contributing to the enrichment of the discussion, so that other users and the Cloudflare team can be aware of the relevance of this topic.

Please consider sharing

  • Your knowledge of the consequences of blocking search crawlers;
  • Your experience, current or previous, related to this kind of problem;
  • Your thoughts on how Cloudflare should proceed after the incident;
  • Your fears about having your business kicked out of the SERPs;
  • And so on…

Special thanks to the members who have been participating in this discussion so far: @cali_b @noc9 @user3011 @bluespire @cs-cf @cbrandt @domjh @cloonan @boynet2 @nomesbiblicos