Cloudflare makes sites unusable

Cloudflare inexplicably blocks all types of site content except plain text and blocks website editors. SSL must be disabled to update a website. Also, Cloudflare host certificate is rejected by many hosts citing the cert names Cloudflare instead of the domain. Cloudflare SSL certificate needs to name the domain

Hi @v.tenerelli,

What is your domain and what is the exact issue you are having. What are you hoping to achieve by using Cloudflare?

At a guess:

This sounds like mixed content. Was your domain working with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare? If not, that’s your first problem.

Is this with an origin certificate that you’re trying to install? If so, that’s expected since it is issued by Cloudflare and will only work in a proxied context.


I was able to resolve some of the blocked content issues. No signs of hope to use the SSL certificate issued by Cloudflare. I will update later when my site goes back up