Cloudflare mailing list

Cloudflare will not stop sending me marketing emails even though it has been over a week since I unsubscribed from all. I would like to resolve this with an employee who can look at my account, but they do not seem to offer this to Free users (even though I own a domain through them). Am I in the right place?

I would recommend opening an account ticket via support

I tried, I can’t get them to respond. Instead, a robot keeps telling me to come here or upgrade my account if I want faster support for this issue. I haven’t received another email since Tuesday though, so fingers crossed.

I believe the bot points to here for quicker solutions, but it sounds like the ticket stayed open so there should be a response coming on it.

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Sorry about that @stupidcatboy I suspect it’s just a timing issue but added myself to your ticket to keep an eye on it. I do see you’re opted out and your email on the supression list.

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