Cloudflare-Mailchimp-Godaddy Fix Spam?

Hi all, hope someone has a moment for a CF newbie.

I’m trying to help a friend/client that’s having a problem sending a Mailchimp email campaign. The campaign’s mails keep going into recipient junk boxes when sent from the friend/client’s domain. Their domain was registered through Godaddy but the web site is hosted here at Cloudflare.

The Mailchimp campaign has been set up correctly and the mails arrive properly when sent from a different domain. The friend/client’s website has no apparent issues.

Godaddy support has told me two different solutions. One agent says that the nameservers (at Cloudflare) need to be switched to Godaddy. Anoher agent said that a TXT file of some kind has to be added at Godaddy. I have a copy of this TXT information from Cloudflare via the present site administrators.

Which is the correct path forward to resolve this issue? Or is it something else completely?

Thanks much in advance for any advice!

Spam false-positives aren’t due to name servers. Give this a run: is also a good tool.

Thanks for the answer and the links, much appreciated.

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