Cloudflare Mail Routing: praise and suggestions

Hello everyone,

After an initial bump (due to a mistake of my own and solved quickly thanks to @cscharff), I managed to migrate all my domains’ MX to Cloudflare Mail Routing.

The service has been performing admirably (as in, no serious issues, and just a few nitpicks), so I will try and provide some feedback:


  • Thanks Cloudflare for providing this great service for free! It works perfectly for my current email budget, which is exactly zero :slight_smile: Seriously, please keep it that way.

  • The service is simple to use, the website is clean and lightning fast, and everything just works.

  • The “Routes” panel is nothing short of genial: simple, easy to understand and yet is not handcapped: on the contrary, it allowed me to do just almost everything I want with my incoming emails (but see below).

  • Thanks also for providing this community forum and having your staff here, this has really helped me when I got stuck during my migration (see below too).


  • Not directly related to the email routing service but to the DNS service: it would be great if the dashboard could provide at least some indication of why a domain remains in pending state, as I previously suggested here.

  • The “Activity Log” is great, and is the main reason I migrated to Cloudflare Mail Routing (as email disappearing without a trace is not acceptable to me). But it seems quirky and incomplete: (a) it shows much less emails than actually passed through Cloudflare (I can be sure of it as I have received many emails on the forwarded destination which simply don’t show in the Activity Log), and (b) it doesn’t allow me to search for arbitrary strings in the Receiving addresses (just the preconfigured custom addresses, which are not useful if I have a “catch-all” set to “forward” and want to look for some specific Receiving addresses).

  • AFAICS when an email is “Dropped” (due to a “drop” configuration in Routes), it’s accepted by the Cloudflare MX but then simply disappears. It would be great if we could also configure a “Bounce” action, where the email is refused with a 5.x.x error still during the SMTP session to make the sender aware of the issue (have I mentioned I’m not a fan of disappearing emails?)

  • It could be clearer re: the handling of some kinds of issues: what happens for example when the destination server where the email is being forwarded to, responds with a 4.x.x (ie, temporary) error? Is the delivery retried after some interval?

Thanks again, and I hope the above helps.

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