Cloudflare + magento cache problem

i have problem using cloudflare with my magento 2 … my dev said the website now working good while i using two cache (one magento - second from cloudflare) so everyday i recived new problems… some filed in checkout is missing… some products stock chenged and alot everyday… after i disable cloudflare cache everything it’s very good.
so how to solve this problem and make all cloudflare + magento work together without any problems?


Cloudflare doesn’t cache dynamic content by default. Do you have any Page Rules? If you’d like more specific guidance, please post the url of your site.

yeah i have page rules and i make yasterday cache level: bypass and that improve my webiste
my website:

I see you’re using Railgun, so that should help speed things up a bit, but when it comes to dynamic sites (ecommerce), you really need a fast server that can quickly generate pages on demand. Cloudflare can’t speed up that part of the process.

But you should turn off the Bypass Cache. As I said Cloudflare doesn’t cache dynamic HTML, but it will cache JS, CSS, and Images if you let it. I suggest you get rid of that Bypass Cache rule.

Other than that, without seeing the cache problem, it’s difficult to diagnose.

I also don’t know what setting you added to CAPTCHA challenge me, but if all your users are facing that, you’re losing sales.

thanks for yous response i will ask my dev about it.

about CAPTCHA setting i faced bots to my website from alot of countries so i enable CAPTCHA for all expect the country i served

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