Cloudflare made my website 2-3 times slower

My website is hosted in NYC. I get roughly 300-800ms in USA and Europe, but 2.5s in places like Australia. Because Google speed stats showed slow pages (which basically contradicts pingdom and the like), I decided it was probably because a part of my traffic comes from the other parts of the planet.

I setup CF, after a few hours I tested my website. Strangely enough it went from the typical 400ms in DC to a whooping 1.9sec. Same for the other parts of USA and Europe. Australia was roughly the same 2.5sec.

I kind of thought that maybe I needed to give it more time, but then I got an infinite redirect loop issue (which I covered in another thread) so I had no choice, I had to switch back to my hosting nameservers.

Can someone please tell me if it’s normal for a website to be slower at first?

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