Cloudflare logo overriding website favicon in Google search results

When you search for Mandoe on Google on a mobile browser, you see a different favicon in the business result snippet:

I’ve ensured the favicon is set correctly (as seen in a desktop browser loading the home page) and asked Google to reindex the home page.

However, 2 weeks later the issue remains.

I believe this icon is a Cloudflare icon.

How would we ensure Google sees the right favicon?

No it is not a Cloudflare Favicon

It is the website Favicon only

Probably Google has not re indexed your site

It may not be the default Cloudflare, but it says “Flare”, which isn’t anything to do with our company.

maybe your hosting ?

Thanks for your help, Neeraj_1.

I found the favicon lived at /favicon.ico

I’ve replaced it. Cheers.

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