Cloudflare login reset for site I do not own

Hello. I’ve recently been tasked with updating a website and having issues with caching. We believe it’s the Cloudflare component we need to clear caching, however the website owners do not have the Clouldflare logins, and the original website designer who set up Cloudflare is MIA! Any tips on how we can get the Cloudflare logins for this site?! Thanks!

Hello there,

Really sorry for not having the login details for your site, at this point, the best thing to do here is, to create a new Cloudflare account, and migrate the website to the new account created.

To successfully transfer a domain from one Cloudflare account to another you will need access to:

  • your domain registrar
  1. Create a new account with Cloudflare,
  2. Login to your domain registrar and update the domain with the new NS ( Name servers).
  3. Done, the site will transfer to the new account.

If you have any issues, you can open a ticket with us.


Thank you so very much! I’ll pass this on to the website owners :slight_smile:

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