Cloudflare login page bugs

Is it just me or more with someone else?
Every time I need to log into my cloudflare account, the login form hangs, as if it were loading something.
I’ve tested it on several different machines and always the same thing.

If it’s on a machine with modest hardware, it even breaks the page

There was just maintenance that affected the API and the dashboard. It is completed now, Cloudflare Status - Dashboard and API Maintenance, did you experience this issue within the last 30 minutes?
There’s no specific impact described for login, but I’m guessing it could be related if it just started happening now.

Personally, I’ve had issues before with it freezing on mobile with the security key pop-up, if related to your issue. Otherwise, it would probably be worth trying the usual, try a different browser, disable extensions, etc.

I’ve been having this problem for a few months now.
I thought it could be some bug that would be fixed, but it always happens

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