Cloudflare log in & account page slow to load

I am timing out waiting for the log in page to load, finally accessed and slow to load account page as well. Meantime, my site is timing out entirely when trying to access. Are they related??

Need help immediately to get site back up and running.

Able to access Cloudflare account after several attempts. My site is also back up and running after 20 min down as well. Assuming related, but unsure since Cloudflare “status” page says no issues.

Can you share the name of the domain?

As I said, it appeared to be down for about 20min total. During that same time I was being timed out from the Cloudflare account log in page as well.

Thank you, I’ve been checking the site and don’t see an issue at the moment and don’t see any other reported login issues. If you have any issues going forward, please grab a screen shot/copy any error messages or RayIDs that are displayed. is a great site to bookmark for updates on any system issues.

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