Cloudflare loads my site but says nothing exists. /wp-admin gets a

hi guys, hope everyone is staying safe. i have a personal blog that has 6 more months left with godaddy before i jump ship. that being said i am using cloudlfare nameservers for the past 6 months, pretty seamlessly, and all of a sudden i got the error message on my site featured in the image below. it is acting as if wordpress was erased but i am still able to log into cpanel… so nothing is essentially DOWN? I am not sure, this seems pretty odd and i am hoping this problem fixes itself in the next few hours… but since its a free cloudflare account i dont even think they have support besides their community message board. What should i do besides wait this out?!

update the files are still there in my cpanel file manager… so not sure why /wp-admin gets a 404 error

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