Cloudflare loading index.html from the wrong domain

Hi all,

A few days ago I added a domain (call it to Cloudflare, and it works great. I subsequently added a second domain (call it to Cloudflare, but it’s not working properly. Rather than showing the content, it seems to be redirecting to

Both sites use an index.html file with query strings to load content from the server. To be clear, however, I’m talking about two different index.html files, each of which uses completely different query string syntax.

When I go to any address, what I see is the index.html from! I have verified this by setting a breakpoint in the .ready() code of’s index.html. Sure enough, that breakpoint fires when I surf to

Any help or pointers would be very much appreciated.


I suggest you open a Support ticket. They can take a look at your settings and see how it’s pulling data from your server. They’re both hosted on the same server, correct?

For now I’d :grey: one or both domains in your Cloudflare DNS tab and see what happens.

I’ll do that. Many thanks for your reply!

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