Cloudflare LoadBalancing return Error 1016

Hi All
It is about load balancer traffic.

I have set two DNS records on Cloudflare .


I have set up two origin IP.
Origin IP 1
Origin IP 2

Our sites are using Windows IIS.
I have set application host config on both two servers.
When I turned on the load balancing and stop the 1st origin IP, domain abc . com did not failover to the second Origin IP but it returns error 1016.

Could anyone inform me what setting is wrong?

Assuming those are the actual IP addresses, none of the records (nor the load balancer) can be :orange: as those are private IP addresses and Cloudflare can not proxy that traffic (nor can it do health checks to know if an origin is up or not).

Hi @cs-cf

Thanks for your reply.

the IP stated is Sample IP.
the actual IP is confidential for security.

May I know what is missing in my setting @cs-cf ?
Please guide me.


Without knowing the actual IP, I would recommend opening a support ticket (support (at) Cloudflare (dot) com) where they can look at the actual values used to perhaps provide some information.

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