Cloudflare load balancing - not really balancing?

This question is related to CF load balancing.

We were using ‘region steering’ as our load balancing setup before CF deployed their UNIMOG thing. Before UNIMOG load balancing worked really well, never issues.

After it was deployed, sticky sessions did not stick to a pool anymore. Sessions started jumping between our US and EU pools.

We since added a shared user session manager between the pools to prevent user log-outs as side effect.

As region steering doesn’t really steer users in a set region to a set pool, we switched to proximity steering (added the pool coordinates of course). But this also doesn’t steer the user to their closest pool. For a user in the Netherlands for example, requests are served from our US and EU pool randomly, sometimes assets are even fetched from both locations in a single page load.

So what is really load balanced? Our users to our closest origen or Cloudflare’s network traffic?

Has anybody found a useful fix except upgrading to a business or enterprise plan? (We are on the Pro plan).

What are your views / suggestions?

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