Cloudflare Load Balancing + Litespeed

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Would cloudflare load balancing work with litespeed? Their support replied with the following when I asked if a third party load balancer would work:

but using a third-party ADC will be lots and lots of problems as LS Cache won’t be able to cache on that server so the load will eventually come to your main server and stuff like that. You have to look into other ADCs and definitely into hyperDB**

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Load Balancing is for multiple servers. Do you have more than one server for that hostname?

Yes, we have two dedicated servers.

Third party load balanacers generally should work with Litespeed web server. I’ve used Haproxy load balancer in front of Litespeed web server before. To be clear you are using Litespeed web server and not Litespeed ADC load balancer ?

Are you using Litespeed Wordpress Cache plugin ? That supports using Cloudflare API for handle CF CDN cache too IIRC as outlined at

Might want to ask Litespeed support to clarify exactly what issues they are talking about.

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@eva2000 I am using Litespeed web server and NOT the ADC load balancer. It’s just too expensive for me.

I am using the Litespeed WordPress Cache Plugin. So you are saying I can continue using the litespeed cache plugin even with Cloudflare Load Balancer? All I have to do is add the Cloudflare API for handling the cache right?

I haven’t tried that specific combination, but you can try it on a test site i.e. copy of your live site on another subdomain and see if it works first

Thanks for the input, I think I know enough to start. Will update here once we have tested.

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@avikhisa99 Do you have litespeed cache enabled? If so is there anything fancy you had to do to make it work? Like add the Cloudflare API for handling the cache…

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