Cloudflare load balancer proxy mode issue

I have set a domain with with Cloudflare load balancer with SSL installed in the origin servers. When proxy mode is enabled, the website is not loading while it works when grey-cloud is enabled. The SSL is a letsencrypt SSL certificate and I have disabled “Universal SSL” option since the SSL is loading from the origin servers.

I receive the error “ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH” in Google Chrome.

I tried matching the cipher suite to the one recommend by Cloudflare as well. But it didn’t help. Can anyone help me to find a solution this issue?


If the DNS records :orange: , I’d suggest you to enable the Universal SSL despite you’re having a avalid SSL certificate installed at the origin host/server/proxy load balancer, otherwise use the unproxied :grey: (DNS-only).

Furthermore, if that’s true, then the Full (Strict) SSL option should work the best for you:

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Thanks, but I cannot enable the Universal SSL because the website is a second level subdomain and universal SSL only supports root and first level subdomains. I did try with Full(Strict) option, but it didn’t help.
Won’t proxy mode fetch the SSL from the origin servers or is required to have the SSL purchased from Cloudflare for load balancing to work with proxy?

Hi @vtrradiumblock you can use advanced certificate manager to address protecting subdomains. Curious on your ticket 2535562, did you take a look at the details (date) that you shared with Support? LMK if you have questions.


Thanks for the tip. Purchased the advanced certificate and that solved the issue. The ticket 2535562 can also be now marked as solved. Thanks for the help.


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